cinematographer | director | screenwriter | photographer | graphic designer

Everything has a story. And all Vince Taroc ever wanted to do was to tell stories. With this philosophy, Vince applies that story method to all his work, whether it be a photograph, a design, or a commercial project. There's a story to be told behind every image, be it a single frame or a continuous campaign. With 18 years of visual design under his belt, there's no medium Vince hasn't already told a story in.

It started off behind the lens of a Nikon. Vince was fascinated with the camera's uncanny ability to capture fleeting moments. But it wasn't enough. He wanted to make the story more compelling. So Vince took up graphic design and photo retouching/manipulation, which expanded his ability to not only capture the story, but retell it in an original way. 

Still, he wanted more. Despite an already busy career as a full-time art director and part-time animator and photographer, Vince ended up finding a new passion: filmmaking. He started off with pen to paper, writing scripts with detailed storyboards in mind, leveraging his gifted eye with lighting and camera angles. After finally earning his first film camera, Vince ventured into shooting everything he could get his hands onto: corporate interviews, shorts to brand commercials, music videos and then his first feature film. 

Now, Vince is known as the resourceful jack of all trades, designing web or magazine pages one day, concepting bigger ideas and ad campaigns on another, and then filming branded content in between. Such a love for the arts has made him indispensable for the companies he has worked for. Some of his most recent work includes promotional photography for Lowe's, up-close interviews with Sugarfina, promo videos for A Basq Kitchen, an award-winning short for AT&T, graphics for Hallmark's Killer series and 12 Days of Giving, a spot for Suntory Whiskey, and a horror feature film to be released in 2019.